G r e e t i n g s !

Please take the time to browse through this entire site. There are many informative pages here about what you may experience as you pursue a most vital, healthy and happy lifestyle. Eastern Medicine, in general, stems from the resources and centuries of Chinese scholarship and research into the field of human health.

I use the terms Chinese Medicine, Eastern Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) or Oriental Medicine on these pages interchangeably and the terms are references, in name, that include the vast array of all Asian medical practices and modalities equally, with no intentional disrespect to any particular person or group, whether contemporary or historical, social, cultural or political.

Incidentally, the name Mandara Health derives from the mythical Mandara blossom described during the time of the historic Buddha. It was purported to have extraordinary healing properties and profound fragrance.

My Mission

My mission is to assist and encourage you in attaining the happiest, healthiest most vigorous lifestyle possible… no matter what your age or what your condition is now. After all, it's what you do from now on that really counts… !!